Friday, June 13, 2008


The eleventh season of Top Gear is only ten days away! I'm sorry to write a post about this, but this is by far and away one of the best 'talk' shows on televsion - from planning to execution. I'm pretty sure you don't really need to heart cars to like this show. Must pay my broadband bills, I'll need the bandwidth to download this show.
Back to media talk, rumours are swirling that Bennett will bring the 'Mirror' brand to Delhi after fairly successful launches in Bangalore, Kolkata and Pune. Supposedly, Sameer Kapoor, CEO of Metroploitan Media, the bastard child between Times and HT which brings out Metro Now quit yesterday. However, Metro Now is currently printed at the HT Press (which is an independent company and will also be printing the Sakaal Times at its scheduled August launch in Delhi) and Times, despite improving its presses in Delhi does not have the capacity right now to bring out a small format 48-pager which if they follow strategy will go out with ToI as the mothership itself is increasing circulation in Delhi.
But the operative word is 'right now', we mightwell see a 'Delhi Mirror' sometime in 2009. Or maybe not. Metro Now has had its hits and misses, but more misses than hits and it still does not have a website. You have to remember that Metro Now was brought out to fend off competition from new launches such as Mail Today and Mid-Day Delhi. People who know a bit of media history will do well to remember 'The Independent' in Mumbai. That was a long, long time ago. You tend to remember all sorts of crap when you grow up around journalists!
Note to HT Media: Fire your creative agency for coming up with that awful ad for Ugh!

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