Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Business News

Anonymous first commenter, I don't know who you are, but I whole-heartedly agree with you. I still don't know why a fourth channel is coming into the English business news space, and maybe a market downturn will be good for the industry in the sense when shit the fan people start looking for scapegoats. But, that said, Undie profit has been way too patchy, they can't hang onto their better people, half their presenters look like they're coming off a hard night of powder, which is strange because I'm fairly sure they're not snorting (Lifestyle journalists on the other hand...).
I've always found Profit confused about what they want to say, and the problem is that with NDTV as an organisation changing focus by entering the GenEnt space, Profit which suffers from a lack of direction will be like the Bismarck - rudderless and heading to her fate.
I will not pass judgement on UTVi just yet, I think it has a while to go. maybe following the CNBC model works from them initially, maybe unlike some other channels, UTVi will evolve into a better channel, but as you pointed out, can it compete with the CNBC brand? As for ET Now, I just have a bad feeling about it, Times Now is a much improved channel but it took them a while, however business news is a whole new ballgame. But somewhere down there I have a bad feeling about all BCCL properties because I think this 'Private Treaties' crap is going to come back and bite them in the ass. Hard. Well, I want it to.
he joker in the pack might still be Mint-TV a.k.a Fox Business a.k.a Whatever the hell they choose to call it. While the mother paper, good as it might be, continues to bleed copious amounts of cash, a TV operation may not be such a bad thing, if the Murdoch's take control. I mean, say what you will about Rupert, I don't think he'll be doing 'Simon Says' like the boys at CNBC-TV18.
Anyone have an opinion on 'Colors 18' as yet?
And by the way, to the powers that be at NDTV - Blogs should not be regulated and don't invite people with next to no idfea of the medium to discuss the topic. You twats! Is TV News regulated? It should be, shouldn't it? After all, didn't some channels do more damage to Arushi's reputation than those inept policemen? Brakha, welcome to the new world of the media, and be scared. Very scared!
And on popular demand... running a retromercial special here. And YouTube's Indian servers are acting up, so it might say the video is no longer available, so try to reload them.

Gold Spot - Orange and Sweet and god knows if the colours they used would be considered safe today.

The way we ravelled. Well, my dad had a Lambretta.


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And from before I was born...
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Anonymous said...

speaking of barkha, I wonder how come the Barkha ATM fiasco never leaked out on to the net... :D

Can't control them raging hormones... hahah it was quite a riot.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention again! I prefer to remain anon at this point of time, it's more convenient! I'd agree with your points on the business TV channels.

As for Mint, well I was a fan initially, but now that I've splurged to get an FT subscription, I was zapped to see how badly they've ripped off FT. From the graphics to the style (big, large font for headlines, unlike ET & BS) to the weekend edition to the bloody caricatures for the interviews too! It's sad. What I liked before was the neat look and the quality of the Op-Ed page. But increasingly, I think it's becoming a "gyaan" newspaper, whereas what moves markets are breaking news, of which Mint has sadly not much. If I need gyaan I can visit the free sections of the FT, WSJ and the n number of blogs. The columnists are getting stale now for e.g. Jihhny and Johnny are gratingly patronising repetitive. As for the Op-Ed page, I've gone back to Business Standard - they're just too damn consistently good. I terminated my Mint subscription a few days back.

As long as Fox does the business news channel, I'd see it. If its the same lot from Mint, then I'll stick with UTVi, they're rapidly getting their act together and its just a matter of time before they differentiate themselves from CNBC (UTVi's tech show is already better, the real estate show is very strong - and most importantly they have a v chilled out look with probably the best graphics among current TV channels). The patchiness will persist, but given time I think they will get their act together and create a niche different from CNBC. ET Now will most probably walk the CNBC Awaaz line and become a dhanda channel for the masses.

And don't write off NDTV - they smoked and killed CNBC on the biggest recent corporate event, i.e. Ranbaxy (UTVi was utterly clueless and hapless) and CNBC's ad showing off their coverage are as phony as they come. It's amazing what you can do when competition kicks your arse.

You should write more on TV channels, I like your blog!

Anonymous said...

nobody worth his/her salt watches undietv profit. so it doesnt really matter if they break some news.