Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Obama has one hell of a speech writer. And he speaks very well too. God, I wish we had leaders with this sense of conviction and inspiration. Instead we get murderers and frauds who buy dodgy medicines and used syringes. Change is good, and Rahul Gandhi is not going to be the person who delivers that change to us, no matter how much the English-language media puffs him up. I don't know who will deliver change, but we need change as much as America. Just hear Obama!


Suraj said...

That video is no longer available. And I am just too eager to watch it, with your build up and all... can you find another it on another site, or just say when the speech was given?

Suraj said...

Sorry, I just noticed that you had linked to the transcript. Thanks.
Here's another link on youtube

Anonymous said...

You are grossly wrong in going ga-ga over Obama. Did u listen in to Obama's speech yesterday at the American-Israeli lobby? This man surely stands for no change. He attested in the strongest terms the Israeli aggression/occupation of Palestine, glossed over the daily killings of those in Gaza and turnd a blind eye to the murders and mayhems carried out daily by Israeli forces.

So will anything change in this world if Obama wins the presidency? Yes - the Middle East will turn more bloody with Israelis acting with greater impunity.

Mate, pls do blog. But stop shooting from your hip. Check facts before you firm up your opinion.