Monday, June 16, 2008

Firefox 3

The guys at Mozilla have some pretty awesome servers, they're trying to set a World Record tomorrow for downloads of Firefox 3. I've been a Firefox user since the 0.8 Beta release, that is over three years. While this post is being composed in IE (since I run multiple browsers to get multiple logins, I'm sure there is an easier way, but I don't care) I am a big Firefox fan, and I've pledged to download Firefox 3 tomorrow. If you use Firefox you know what to do and if you don't - Duh!
Here is a handy field guide to Firefox 3.
In completely unrelated, though media related news, Triveni has supposedly hired yet another Aaj Tak hand (DC) for their upcoming Hindi news channel. In fact, Triveni's OB vans have been seen in the wild, but their massive plans - which call for a network of ten channels and some print publications do sound a bit bombastic. I still have my doubts, but then again...

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Horn Please!! said...


""Security Flaw Tarnishes Firefox Download Record

The new version of the Firefox browser was downloaded over eight million times in its first 24 hours of release in what organisers claimed was a world record.

But the success was tempered by reports from a software security company that Firefox 3.0 contained a serious security flaw that potentially lets an attacker take over a PC if a user clicks on a booby-trapped link.""