Sunday, June 29, 2008


Well, tonight is the big game and since I'm and Arsenal fan I want Jens Lehmann to lose, preferably thanks to a goal created by Cesc Fabregas. I've loaded up on the Carlsberg and hopefully the sleep as well. Tonight will be a long night!
Sucheta has posted her response here, there are some comments about EchTee too, one an extremely long one, but I can fully sympathise with the emotion. As I have said, this blog is not anti-HT, it is just incredibly frustrating to see somebody (or thing) shoot themselves in the foot. Over and over again.
As for much I make from AdSense, not enough for me to go to the man and tell him I'm going! Honestly, I barely make $10 a month and that number has increased after some degree of placement optimisation. I'm sure that if I got serious and all, I could make big money, win awards and generally become a pompous bastard. But the access and the cash I get now is still far too attractive.

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