Friday, June 06, 2008

If you have to read this blog...

Don't think of this as a tech article and more than a hundred of you who have feeds of one sort or another onto this blog will probably laugh, but at least two people told me at an event last night that their evil employers are preventing them from accessing it, so I told them 'Get the feed', which led to rather blank expressions on their faces. There are people out there who do not know what a 'feed' or RSS (Rich Site Syndication) is and how to subscribe to one, so this is an easy primer.
Do you read this blog? And your evil employers have blocked it, which I hear a couple of media organisations have. So much for proclaimations of 'media freedom', media houses like to guard internal information zealously and the internet is screwing all of that up. Anyway, here is what you can do - chances are that you have a Google account of some sort or another, so just point your browser to Google Reader. This is a web-based feed-reader, I prefer Bloglines (especially its new Beta version) but I guess that is force of habit, because I've been using Bloglines for years. There are several other free web-based feed-reader services. All you have to do then is to type in the address of this blog, or any other blog that your evil management overlords prevent you from accessing just enter this address (right-click here and say 'copy link location' and paste that onto the feed address bar on Google Reader or Bloglines, else just click the big orange button on the right-hand bar, scroll down you'll find it). There simple. All you have to do now is visit this third party site and read this blog, though I will request you to drop by sometimes and add to the 15,000+ monthly hits I get nowadays, and maybe even help out by clicking the ads.
God, there is just so much technology out there!

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Anonymous said...

as per the terms of your google adsense agreement you cannpot ask your visitors to click on the ads etc...