Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yes we can.

To answer, to the best of my knowledge stories weren't bought and sold.
Anyway, this is Black Eyed Peas frontman's music video for Barack Obama, I think it is pretty cool. Obama is changing politics in the US, hopefully some of that will spread out over here and go beyond the cursory blog post by a politician which suddenly makes him a cause celebre.
Our politicians have historically let India down, but then again many of us by refusing to express our franchise have done the same. I really hope the US can change some amount of its policy by electing Barack Obama, but somehow while I feel America is ready for a Black President, I just don't know if the rest of the world, India included, is ready for a black American President. Imagine, the Commies will be confused, what would Prakash Karat say when he launches a fusilade against the evil Americans? At least with John McCain he say say, that VietCong missed a trick.

Anyway, one commenter sometime ago said that Obama's policies towards the Middle East will be as bad as American policy before. I just have one question, you would seriously rather have a Republican? I don't really believe that things will calm down in the Middle East anytime soon. But, somehoe, and even though barcak Obama's foreign policy isn't well formulated yet, you know, things could change, though honestly American policy on Israel-Palestine has been the same for decades.

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W.T.F. Ittabari said...

for a long time i have meant to blog about how between barak obama, tiger woods, lewis hamilton and samuel l. jackson a new order of black supremacy is going to be established on Earth.

instead of watching tashan i read marxist cultural movement in india vol. iii by s. pradhan. either ways i will never get three hours of my life back.

communists are so delusional you shouldnt try and fathom their reactions to anything.