Thursday, July 24, 2008

Omar Abdullah

Since I am pretty certain that the BJP will sweep the Jammu seats when J&K goes to the polls, I'm just curious as to know if Omar Abdullah will truly become like his father. He might have been finger-pointing at Advani in the Lok Sabha, but with the PDP likely to go back to the Congress (and unable to muster a majority) what will the National Conference do? Will Omar Abdullah follow his conscience. One of the better speeches made that day that nobody is talking about is that of Hyderabad's MIM MP Asaduddin Owaisi, but the award for the worst waste of two minutes goes to Mehbooba Mufti who didn't know what to say.
As for V.K Malhotra, people foget that he did defeat Manmohan Singh in South Delhi a couple of elections ago, and Delhi MP's don't really have to do much. Despite my right-wing leanings if Malhotra stands from my constituency again (now South-West Delhi according to the redrawn seats) I will vote against him since he let Shiela build that accursed BRT system, which for some reason HT has plugged today. Little wonder the paper needs help. However, I have a feeling that the INC will field Manmohan Singh for the Lok Sabha this time out from a Delhi constituency.
P.S: Weirdly enough, I believe the best thing possible for both the people of J&K and the country as a whole would be a 'grand coalition' in the northern state. It will never happen, but it would be a great thing.


Anonymous said...

K, any idea what happened with Udayan's column in echh-tee? Did he get knowcked off because he was going after Anil Ambani for screwing his investors on the Rel Power IPO?

Anonymous said...

why are you so against BRT? do you use it for everyday commute?

Anonymous said...

It's you who needs help, my friend, not the newspaper. In case you have gone through the whole story, which is what i'm assuming, you would have seen that both the positive changes and existing problems have been written about. This is called objective, responsible journalism, not plugging. However, it might be difficult for someone with 'leanings' to understands.

Anonymous said...

Dear K, EchTee, as you so innovatively put it, did not plug the BRT. It simply revisited a story and found things better. Unlike you, many of us do not have a right wing or left wing agenda by "reasons of birth", or otherwise. Time you did some real reporting instead of pontificating endlessly.

Anonymous said...

Someone should go after Udayn Mukherjee for insider trading.

W.T.F. Ittabari said...

I dont get it.

you moderate my comment on how law schoolites and stephanians need to expand their horizons beyond college and tolerate abuse about your father all the time?

it's your blog i guess.


i saw owaisi's speech and i thought it was better than omars. and i'm stunned that the media completely ignored it.

ive been reading up on him and while i feel uncomfortable with any party that has a religious affiliation, i really believe muslims need more leaders like him. if his party can shun its past of violence (razakars for crying out loud!) we have hope to destroy islamic fundamentalism.

W.T.F. Ittabari said...

also, mehbooba mufti couldnt speak because a certain party was displaying its trait of not allowing people to speak.

may i just say that the conduct of the BJP throughout this session of parliament has been disgusting from walk outs to sitting in parliament with fingers on their lips to all kinds of shenanigans. not allowing manmohan singh to make his speech was just shameful.

i mean.. there are allegations that top hookers were booked for horse trading. will the BJP bring prostitutes into the House next and make them do a pole dance/mujra?

and someone please put a smelly sock in pratap singh rudy's mouth.

Anonymous said...

why r u opposing Amarnath land transfer to shrine board?