Tuesday, July 01, 2008


ESPN-Star certainly seems to have one with the BCCI (whose website redirects to TicketPro India, the world's most powerful board does not have a website yet!), their coverage of all things BCCI almost invariably is critical of the world's favourite cricket board, home of illicitly rich men and coke snorting playboys. Have you seen Sportscenter India lately? Almost every cricket story involving the BCCI is so heavily editorialised, it is not funny. I know that ESPN-Star isn't quite what you would call a 'news' channel but Sportscenter is a news show. It is not a daily highlight reel, at least the Indian edition isn't.
Technically are sports channels allowed to broadcast 'news'? I mean with the 26 per cent rule and all? FM Radio still can't broadcast any sort of news. Then again, with news channels essentially being General Entertainment Channels, who knows what is what?

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Deepak Sahijwala said...

I think you are absolutely right.