Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Arrey yaar...

Bhailogon, yes, bapuji ne mujhe internship dilvaya uske baad usne mujhe kuch nahin diya. Yes, its true that I know a lot of people for years thanks to family, but beyond my first break, I've never asked him for anything.
Anyway, yesterday in his column in Mail Today, Prabhu Chawla wonders in an aside why so many Indian politicians and businessmen end up in Dubai. And that is quite a valid question. It is quite strange that Dubai has become the hub of wheeling and dealing for India, and Emirates becoming the largest carrier to operate out of India is a direct result of this. And Dubai has replaced Bangkok as the easiest source of you know what for the high and mighty.
However, I wonder why no-one is writing about what happened in Denver, because from what I hear, a lot happened in Colorado of all ther places in the world. Why stuff happened in the American moutain state no-one knows, but maybe it is a bit more discreet than Dubai now.

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GBO said...

Why do they end up in Dubai. Because Buckingham Palace, no wait, Westminster, hang on this changed to Elephant & Castle, them there and their representatives find the whole UAE protectorates more, ahem, secure.

And as for Denver - dude, ask me, we have a branch there. The place is now the favourite lodging house for a State guest, who has lately started travelling to India dressed as a woman, sans famous moustache.

Ah, the stuff you find, when you don't look for it . . .