Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Professional News

My alter-ego's professional movements have become a subject of intense speculation recently. In talks I had with my other persona, he assured me that he wasn't going anywhere. But he wasn't sure that he wasn't going anywhere or whether he would stay in journalism period. So he is a bit confused, which is nothing new actually. He could stay, he could go or he could decide to throw his hands up in the air and join politics or something equally insane. I mean, the guy is a pompous fart, but a nice guy at heart.
Dang! I made a funny. But seriously, never say never, but as of now nobody is doing anything of the sort. Yes, I find some of my current colleagues, maybe a couple in particular loud, dumb and irritating, but those things don't change if you go to another organisation or profession. I would also like to take this opportunity to clarify that I do not have an agenda, I am not speaking for someone else or hate any 'organisation'. Yes, I have 'ethical' issues with some things (which I want to address in a subsequent post) and I have seen with dismay how an organisation I still love has shed several vestiges of its pride.

- K

PS: Will try and get details of what all Manmohan and Sonia signed over to Uncle Rupert and his hot wife. For the benefit of readers, I am attaching a picture of aforementioned hot wife.


Anonymous said...

Definitely Hot!

GBO said...

Hello - take time out and work with some large industry (not industry lobbying group, that's almost the same as media lately . . .) where you can see more stuff on the ground.

thalassa_mikra said...

That's an exceptionally flattering pic of Wendy. She's not half as hot in other pictures if you Google her.