Thursday, July 24, 2008

What is wrong with you people?

rahul Gandhi did not speak from the heart, he spoke as an interested party. The woman he spoke about hasn't eaten for two days. He spoke because a speechwriter wrote that speech. For God's sake, what is all this claptrap about every home suddenly getting electrified thanks to nuclear power that people are going on about. Yes, the deal isn't horrible, but we are signing away some sovereign rights for Nuclear Power which is a good decade away, but hopefully it appears that Obama might do India's dirty work by attacking Pakistan (why do I have a feeling that the attacks might be staged from India, no matter who is in power). Have people forgotten to think. NDTV and CNN-IBN are annointing the man King, can't you use your judgement to question it. What happened in this trust vote was disgusting, and now the government which first doubted the existence of Ram is saying that ram destroyed the Setu?
Yes, I admit the BJP missed several tricks yesterday, they made a clown of a man called Vijay Kumar Malhotra, who is incidentally my Member of Parliament speak instead of letting Navjot Singh Sidhu speak, who would have been far better. Anyway, the first bunch of elections are due this winter, there is no way Shiela will win after the BRT fiasco among others, Vasundhara will romp home, and Chauhan should win with a reduced majority. What voice of the people is everybody on about? Will the Congress be able to keep mayawati at bay? Bullshit, they will, they don't even understand Mayawati's core constituency.


Anonymous said...

Rahul Gandhi is not a rabble-rouser. I am willing to bet that if the same speech was delivered by say Varun Gandhi, everybody would be praising it. (You should see Varun deliver speech. He is flawless.)

Attack on Pakistan is imminent. Obama or McCain doesn't matter. Because cleaning up Pakistan will also mean reducing China's influence on West Asia. Believe it or not, Americans are afraid of another cold war and they see it coming.

On another note, I doubt if Chauhan will win again in MP. If at all he is able to win MP again, it will be because Mayawati will eat up a substantial chunk of Congress' core vote.

I have never been a fan of VK Malhotra. He must be doing some good work in constituency to be able to win consistently.

Anonymous said...

TV channels do not question anything and newspapers are only slightly better. Everybody is hedging, just in case the guy they criticise today becomes PM tomorrow, and does something to their happiness. You have more colourful words, I am sure.

Anonymous said...

Erm, sorry but could you stick to your stuff? Last time you tried the stock markets and it was naive. This time your post on politics is, well, it made your stock market post look like PHD stuff.

I know the educated elite in India want to sound and appear like hip and cool liberals, but are in fact true to their upper-caste Brahmin, right-wing, BJP-loving selves. Its only for them that the vote of confidence was "shameful" and "outrageous".

You still didn't get what happened on the floor, right? Well, then just remember Advani's face. No, it wasn't about the, er, BJP "missing several tricks".

Chill dude. "Don't trust the Indian media". If you go on a bit more, you'll actually sound like Rajdeep and Rogan Ghosht.

Sorry for this comment hurts you but I'm getting a bit tired of hearing the same crap from the same type of people. But hey, I'll still come here for the goss!

Anonymous said...

"I made the mistake of standing with them once (in the previous dispensation of the BJP in which he was a minister of state). I will not make the same mistake again" - Omar Abdullah

Absolutely damning!