Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So Private Treaties is all about ads?

A couple of things, BCCL is not the only media house into Private Treaties, HT Media, ABP and TV18 (in all their various avatars) are in this game as well. But, that said, when Nikhil interviewed the Times Private Treaties guys they said that PT is about adverts. And then this wonderful piece (again pointed out to me by Nikhil) emerges. All about advertising you say? Doesn't someone get it over there? People aren't THAT dumb!
And for god's sake, doesn't someone realise this over there?

On another note, it seems that the Stephanian media is finally ganging up against Frank's madcap decisions. However, I'm coming to a different conclusion, if the college is so adamant about making the place a Christian Mission, after all it is 'Mission College', then they can have the lot. Full reservation, all seats and all teaching posts. Non-Christian teachers should all resign - and that includes those with direct access to the Prime Minister and old students can wallow in their pain for a while, but when they see things going down the drain, they won't really care.

Reservations in teaching positions is poisonous, whether it be on the basis of religion or caste. You need the best teachers, guys who want to teach despite their qualifications. Many of us still love college, but if someone wants to overdose on viagra you can't really do much. The problem the college authorities don't realise is that sooner or later there might be a backlash - maybe when the powers that be and the Centre change - it could find a form in the stripping of UGC funding, or worse. And there won't be a single murmur of protest from anyone.


Anonymous said...

Dear K,
Any clue of ABP's PT? I know HT, DJ, DB all are hooked up. ABP, Kasturi bhai yet to jump?'M I Right?


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to put up a list of the private treaties of BCCL, HT Media, ABP and TV18?