Thursday, July 24, 2008


No scene the BJP would have won,. why do you think Advani was cribbing about 'horse-trading' for so many days. I probably have more inside information from the BJP than most, due to reasons of birth, and that I guess does make me a political animal. I still believe the BJP did not use the correct speakers during the debate.
Some of you are more aware than me, and others just find Rahul Gandhi 'cute'. I find the unstoppable fawning over Rahul Gandhi disgusting. Sure the boy could well be future Prime Minister of this country but stop treating him like Prince William, he is not an annointed ruler of India. He will still have to win an election, and I have my doubts that the UPA will pull off 2009. Anyways, I digress...
The last year has seen a proliferation of technology news sites in India, there are quite a few of them and I am friendly with some of the folks who run these sites. But, this is still a sector that is trying to come to terms with news. Which is why the comments on this post are particularly interesting. Stolen stories, stolen credits, this is rather fascinating.

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WAT is a just a group of punk kids who think they are consultants because they have been surfing the web for too long. Best ignore their ramblings.