Thursday, July 10, 2008


While the rest of the channel go on about the N-Deal, read the text at the MEA site (overwhelmed it seems) Headlines Today tells us about Salman Khan. The influence of Hindi channels is permeating down. Hoo boy!
EDIT: It seems that Sallu was a temporary blip, and we are back to regular programming with Prakash Karat and Suresh Prabhu both frothing at the mouth against the deal. Other channels are reminding themselves that India exists beyond the deal (giving users a five minute break before analysing every single word on the deal). What was surprising that even the insane vapid Hindi channels started out on the Nuke deal, then they realised that they don'tunderstand anything and went back to reporting on crazy sadhu's and abnormal incidents from the cowbelt.

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Mohan said...

You never know, but if it had been left to Prakash Karat and his bunch of old fogeys in the Left Front, India would soon have been rechristened The Democratic Republic of Indo China!