Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What I've been watching...

Thanks to the power of the internet coupled with a decently fast connection from Airtel (after three weeks of wrangling with their call centre) and a brand-new Western Digital MyBook with what was once a lot of storage (scary how fast I'm managing to fill it up) has meant I'm watching a lot of random stuff on the computer nowadays. I'm becoming the TV newscaster's nightmare audience, the guy who needs an ethernet cable plugged into his vein. A couple of things I have to reccommend, the first is the rather funny movie 'Walk Hard' which generally makes fun of musical biopics.

And the second is the absolutely mind-blowing 2007 six-part BBC series called 'The Story of India'. I'm surprised no-one has picked this up in India so far, but I have been fascinated watching Michael Wood travel across the world telling his story.

I know that torrents are illegal and all, and the excuse that I live in a country starved for content (despite having 427 TV channels according to LV Krishnan of TAM, whom I met recently), but my god you can find some fascinating things there. I'm currently downloading a five-part series on the Wehrmacht.


Anonymous said...

Ah, the thuggish, Airtel, gave u decent speeds... The Story o India is a good recommend. and the Wehrmacht... hmmm. M yconnection was idling for the past few weeks...

Anonymous said...

oi... et tu K!
Now that u mentioned torrentz... (and I happen to share ur enthu fr the Airtel Broadband)
try these:

(jst FYI... not fr web display, but then that's ur prerogative)

Anonymous said...

The Story of India has been broadcast on Discovery in India and will continue to be repeated for some time. It is absolutely fantastic and it is wonderful to see someone so passionate about the subject he's covering.

Which Main? What Cross? said...

Before they bought You Tube, Google Video used to have a lot of these programmes that could be watched online.