Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rahul Gandhi spake... Objectivity died!

I was surprised that Rahul Gandhi spoke in English, while his speech was far more confident than that of Manmohan Singh, I really do believe that Rahul-baba should have spoken in Hindi, because that is the language of the majority of the voters in this country. And while we often make fun of the Hindi TV media, they do have immense reach, and I think RG missed a trick here, I really do. Or was the boy, educated at St.Columba's and St.Stephen's (ironically places where I stuidied) not at all confident about his Hindi?
I still think the government will win, maybe around 275-280 votes in their favour. The Congress are past masters at this, and I think that the NDA is feeling the absense of PramodMahajan acutely today, because Pramod was an 'operator' beyond even Amar Singh. Arun Jaitley can run electoral machines with unflinching dedication, but AJ won't stay up for 24 hours running deals.
But all said and done, the reason the West wants the deal with India is because I guess they're still paranoid that we'll send Islamabad to oblivion. Even though the more I hear barack Obama, I have a feeling he will do that for us, little wonder that Barack is becoming the Indian right-wing's candidate of choice. And Mayawati speaking on foreign policy? What is the world coming to?
As fopr channel coverage of the Trust Vote, I've toggled between CNN-IBN, NDTV 24x7 and Times Now and somehow they all seem the same, though NDTV did gush over Rahul-baba a bit too much for comfort. And they still are as we speak.

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Anonymous said...

me notices sexist elitist (coz of ur columbas stephens edu)bias towards behnji. If amar singh can talk of nuke deal why not mayawati. She is elected rep na? she has proven to be so much more astute than the karats and yechuris of jai ho indian politics. like it or not but its her time now...as says shobhaaa dey/day/de