Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Summoned, Defiant, Angry, Irritated blah, blah... fairly interesting the way people are writing about Mukesh's visit to meet MMS. The trouble is that none of us really know what transpired in that room. We don't know if MMS fell to his knees and begged for forgiveness from the all-powerful lord for taking Amar Singh's support, or whether Mukesh politely requested that Murli be spared the chopping block. Or whether some sort of strange deal was struck. Or if Mukesh warned of dire consequences in May 2009. Or if MMS threatened the 'Windfall Profit Tax' that Amar has been blabbering about.
Doesn't the desi press love speculation.
Yes, and to answer, a lot of journo kids get into this because this is what we know best. And honestly, while all indications in school were that I would eventually end up here, I was so adamant that I didn't want to be a journo in one talk to class, my teacher told me not to mind if I didn't make the Yearbook committee. This is a happy accident, journalism. When you grow up around news, and your parents and their friends talk about meeting top political and business leaders, it gives some of us at least, maybe a natural touch, flair even. I don't know... but it is unfair to paint all journo kids in the profession with the same brush.
And if you don't think I'm good, don't read this blog. Your loss, not mine.

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Anonymous said...

hmm.. pretty much like an army guy's kid joining the forces... huh?