Monday, July 14, 2008

Do you suppose?

That Manmohan Singh is trying to be a school teacher trying to break-up a fight. At three, bada bhai meets him (to save Murli's ass), and at five chotta will meet him (to fire Murli's ass). This is seeming like a bad schoolyard fight. A colleague just mentioned that both of them should be given one slap each and told to stop acting silly.
Of course, then there are the conspiracy theories - the first is that there was never a fight and that this is all a charade for attention to raise scrip prices. The second, more sinister one is that both are trying to kill each other. Don't ask me anything, I really don't care. Well, I care enough to write a blog post, but not much more.


Anonymous said...

listen.. he he.. don't write about politics.. u know nothing.. stick to media and its ethics.. u r a novice who happens to have a good daddy with sources and born into a lucky family with a middle class income.. so keep those aileron photos in your digi cam or camera phone and don't show off.. and listen, you will get it when one of us cracks your ID... so have fun, but don't go beyond what you know.. take care.. keep writing

Anonymous said...

Both brothers are screwing each other with a rubber called -- AS! why don't they use and throw him away!!!

Anonymous said...

to anonymous 1. you mean you still haven't cracked K's ID?