Monday, July 14, 2008


Haven't been in town for the last few days, as the picture indicates. I decided to let Jet Airways bounce me through the clouds and despite flying one hell of a lot, the return flight was possibly one of the most unnerving flights I have ever taken. I came back on Saturday to watch Rajdeep hollering on TV - talking about the Talwar's suing the Hindi news channels and all. I don't know why, and political opinions I really respect Rajdeep as a journalist, why does he sound so frantic and ear-splitting irritating even when he makes sense. With him on the air, particularly hosting a discussion show, you have to keep changing the volume - 02 when Rajdeep is speaking and 25 for everyone else (on a scale of 50, which is what is there on a Samsung).

Anyway, Rajesh Talwar is a free man, the UP Police have been shown up, and it kind of scares you about the UP Police. The Talwar's have through the case, been going directly to the top of various media organisations much to the chagrin of field reporters. But, field reporters usually report the word of the police as the gospel truth - 'we think he is guilty, therefore he is'. Now, the english media managed to moderate themselves to an extent, though the tabloids were a bit off the mark sometimes. I believe there needs to be a level of moderation to coverage of murder cases, the media should not get ahead of itself and unless they find a way to self regulate through the News Broadcasters Association (NBA) I presume someone will hoist the rules on them. Another thing is that reporters should start question their 'sources' instead of dealing with them as the complete truth. I shudder to think what would have happened to Dr. Talwar had the Talwar's not had the connections to do what they did.
Anyway, thankfully, its all over now. Or is it.

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