Friday, July 04, 2008

Why Chiddu and Deora might go...

Mail Today has a nice cartoon (and since their website sucks, it reads that each of the rings on Amar Singh's fingers represent's someone's interests - Sahara and Anil Ambani's among them). Which kind of makes the point. Several years ago when the UPA had just come to power, well it seems like several years anyway, Subroto Roy had gone to meet Chiddu. Chiddu whose veshti must have been tied really tight that day, kept Roy waiting and waiting, and according to one story, Roy's disappearance from the circuit was a direct result of that meeting after which he developed a heart condition. In fact, the recent RBI volte-face on sahar's might be a direct result of recent political manueverings, but Roy was (unsurprisingly) angry that the announcement was made in the first place and supposedly holds both the FM and RBI Governor guilty (which is why the SP might ask for both their heads). As for Murli Deora, that connection is very easy to make as Anil Ambani who is still very close to the SP (though not an SP MP any longer) thinks that Deora is batting for his elder brother.
So the story that the SP wants the faces of inflation have to go is at the end of the day a load of crock. Much like the other load of crock about the Left, who are being pummelled in Bengal (though the thought of Mamta taking over is scary) and might find themselves in a bind in Kerala. I do not believe that the Communists are finished and dead in the water. the 2004 elections might be their best result, but I still think that this edit is missing the point. The Communists will always be a relevant force in Indian politics. Though, I believe that next week's trip to Tokyo for Manmohan Singh might be a wash-out for India, which really does need to make her voice heard, which is why I also believe the Indian right is being politically opportunistic when it comes to the Nuclear Deal, even though they well might be in the government which benefits from its implementation much like the UPA benefited from NDA policies.
Oh, and the BBC should eally change their Indian Business Correspondent, whose knowledge seems disasterously off the mark, making issues of non-issues and vice-versa.


Horn Please!! said...

Well, it seems that 2 x Reliance Industry aircraft (a Falcon-2000 and an Airbus-319) just got "seized" by Customs at BOM for not paying Customs Duty.

As though that ever held anybody back in the past.

Hmmmmm. MAD in hell?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Also, one heard that Amar Singh's visit to get his intestines treated in the US of A was actually a front for his being paid off by the Yanks for swinging the N-deal for the other Singh (PM)