Friday, July 04, 2008

Ambani vs Ambani

This entire UPA government survival (read: Nuclear Deal) is seeming more and more like the latest chapter in the fight between the two brothers. And a friend pointed out that Amar Singh still holds a grouse against Kapil Sibal for badmouthing him soon after the 2004 Elections. Honestly doubt that the UPA will let go of Chiddu just now, after all the reward for going slow on QQ can't be firing him because some satrap wants him to go.


Anonymous said...

What happened to Amar singh's tape recording?....I recall, SC had ordered channels not to air it but am surprised the tape never leaked on the net.

k, have you seen it?

vijay said...

Actually, MDA will lie low till the next regime is my guess

Anonymous said...

Anil definitively has an illegitimate child, its a known fact in the journalistic community. No wonder his brother hates him, diluting Dhirubhai's work