Sunday, October 30, 2005

Why I love Delhi

There is a blogger in the blogosphere who am I now convinced is not telling the truth. A recent post by this person went out and savaged the reputation of Delhi - calling it heartless - narrating the tale of an accident victim outside AIIMS. Well girl, damn you! If you don't like the city go to the West, because we can do without people like you. And this story has also made me extremely suspicious of another claim this blogger has made before - about an unrecognised management school targeting her. There are extreme discrepencies in the story - the Delhi police for good or for bad is an extremely fast police force - any accident victim becomes a medico-legal case - you say hit and run and go to hospital in this city and there will be cops swarming all over you.
Anyway, yesterday shows why this is a great city. It did not degenrate into riots - even though the attacks were clearly by a bunch of Islamic militants. Within minutes of the blasts the police and the fire brigade were all over the place. Yes, the Congress government at the Centre in its inimicable style was slow to react, but Shiela Dixit, as usual, proved why she is a great CM, appearing on the major channels telling people to calm down. Private citizens were rushing people to hospital within seconds of the blast because they knew they had to.
I will go shopping today, I want to go shopping today and I want to spend money today and I know many others who will take the same decision.
By the way, what is Lashkar and Jaish doing for the 'liberated' people of Kashmir? On the other hand the brilliant work of the Indian armed forces after the earthquake on this side of the border shows why we are are the more effective and better state. We don't give a rat's ass about 30 F-16's. Nope, they want to gain the spotlight by bombing the people of Delhi. India should rescind its offer of help to Pakistan. They never wanted it in the first place, and if all that country is interested in doing is attacking the civilians - mothers, children - of their neighboutring (albeit through proxy groups) why should we care about their citizens.
Quid Pro Quo.


anthony said...

i have no love lost for delhi anyways, but i also think the blogger is making up stories.. and ur doubt for the previous posts are also without doubt...after this post.. she/he hasn't replied to a single comment as I saw.. Hmmm

thalassa_mikra said...

K, you're right. I'm pretty convinced the blogger made up the story of being targetted by unrecognized management institute. It is hard to explain why she/he was served a notice, while many others before her, also identifying themselves by name, weren't.

Shiela Dixit is amazing. I hope she stays on for a while, she's been very good for the city.

Our caring for the millions of desperate and freezing Pakistani Kashmiris and Pashtoons should not depend on what their government or fanatic morons claiming to act in their name do. People don't always get the government or radicals they deserve.

Vulturo said...

Dude, I'm in complete agreement with you on this one

neha vish said...

Definitely not in disagreement! :)