Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Guest editoring at its finest.

Since, at the heart of things, this is a media blog, I just thought I'ld let the world know that Vikram Seth (him of the eleventeen thousand page novel) is guest editor at the Times of India (Dilli) tomorrow. Now, because the Times is rather caught up with Bihar and the author caught up with book readings, he will only be at the Times from 8-10. In the morning.
Mental picture forming of many aggreived journalists walking into Times House tomorrow morning. Also mental picture forming of several women at the times eating every word Seth says (according to some women I know Seth rates very high on the Blowjob index - the ironies of life sometimes).
That is all in this post. Oh, and I hear that this venerable newspaper has also commissioned a story on the oily ponytail's institute!


thalassa_mikra said...

Well, according to JAP's blog, he claims to be bisexual (oddd hmmm..). So the women can hope on. In other news, check my latest post.

shyam said...

I think ze man would be stuck with the ve man on the fourth and considering that both have a 'few' common interests, most others would be lucky to even catch a glimpse of him ;-)

Offtopic, met ex best bud who's teaching at stephens and who also knows your dear mistah tellis very well. Said he's heading some fancy think tank up west these days?

K said...

Who ze ex-berst bud be? Does I knowest of him?

shyam said...

prolly not, he got into the place around 2002, mallu, eccentric and philo chap.

Lumbergh-in-training said...

what is blowjob index?