Thursday, October 27, 2005

Breaking News

Rajdeep's channel is going to be called CNN-IBN. They will be the face of CNN in India. Make of that what you will.
PS : Maxim magazine (India edition) launches in January.


thalassa_mikra said...

I notice a radical change in the face of CNN since Fox News appeared on the scene in the US. Way more hotties, and women whose looks must have influenced their selection.

Wonder if Rajdeep is planning to do the same?

shyam said...

hehe.. breaking? it was out on the gossip sites, e4m, indiantelevision, in the morning itself.. the reaction and euphoria even made the internal mail server choke with emotion..

thalassa_mikra: are you talking about anchors or correspondents? other than minor percentage, I've never seen too many good looking reporters, because their job not to look good in the first place.

Anchors are a different story and the best kept secret about them is that they are never allowed to ad lib anywhere and it does not really count that much even if they are too brainy, since they won't be allowed to use much of it anyway.

From the little I know of the man, I don't think you can hold him to fault for hottie propagation.

shaun said...

It should be interesting to see how the channel covers Bush's war on terror and other things

thalassa_mikra said...

Codey, I was talking about the anchors. A cursory glance at CNN and CNBC post Fox news shows a dramatic increase in the hottie index. As for correspondents, I don't think Richard Quest and Christiane Amanpour are getting the boot anytime soon!

Do you mean it is only the CNN presenters who are not allowed to adlib?

shyam said...

thalassa_mikra, well, they do sell, don't they? Put your average Jane in their place and see what happens. It is not the ideal, but it happens. And yes, it does help to be good looking if you want to be an anchor. Won't comment on the line up, it is subjective after all and don't want to say much on work stuff. In any case, you should get to see soon enough :)

Shivangi said...

Did you know that BBC once tied up with DD News? But the partnership never worked out. I mean, how much can you do with DD?
Anyways, coming to 'good looking anchors'. Yes, it is true that of late news channels have realised that a pleasant looking female will attract more 'viewers' than an intelligent one. The trend seems to have started with Headlines Today's initial policy of putting Miss India contestants to read news. I am not kidding. But they soon understood that just beauty will not get them through live interviews.
For NDTV however, you get to be an anchor through hard work/big daddy. Most of their 'star anchors' have solid backing, but that does not change the fact that they have also worked hard.
Surprisingly, Times Now, is not concentrating on looks but on experience and the anchor's presence on screen. Lets see how IBN comes through...

Alok Patel said...

Hehe, How much can you really do with DD. If you are an employee, lots!

You can work on private projects during work hours, collect full salary with an hour's attendance at office and if you are daring enough, even use some of DD's equipment for your own projects ;-).

If you are the station director in one of the Tier 2 cities, you get to stay at home most of the day too. You can also have the best quality equipment in the city but still make less programming than a local cable wallah with a VHS camera ;-).

Thank god BBC saw the light.