Saturday, October 15, 2005

The official statement

The person who initially recieved the statement asked for it to be removed so that (he/she/they) don't get into a fracas later, so anyone who comes here through a link, I'm sorry.


thalassa_mikra said...

K, this is actually pretty consistent with the way they've proceeded in the last few days.

They've tried to make it into an IIM vs. IIPM issue, which would make them seem like the underdog, given that poor IIPM is battling the entrenched IIM mafia and all that.

I'm amazed that they readily admit to the IBM intervention.

Anonymous said...

To the Management of IIPM:

Would you like to see the funding for your institution from patrons and associates of IIPM in the Middle East vanish completely?

If your answer is yes, please do continue to do what you're excellent at doing, that is playing with students' futures.

- An ex-IIPM Patron (Dubai, UAE).

Saurabh said...

:D I didn't know about the IIM angle. I didn't know Rashmi and Gaurav were from the IIMs. "...we will take legal action against any form of media trying to spread baseless lies and rumours about us with malicious intent." Baseless lies. Hmmm...I'd actually like to now see them take this to court.

A.K.J said...

Remeber Aurobindo, what were his last words? Arindram Chaudhuri, looking forward to seeing you and the representatives of your institution at the ICJ in Geneva.

You got mail!

Soumyadip said...

This isn't about IIM vs. IIPM. How can anyone ever compare the two (of course except for IIPM in their ads)? Now they are out to earn some more web (and print) space. I'm really looking forward for the matter to go to the courts (as if they will).

The language of the statement, surprises me. But it's IIPM, no arguments there.

'IIMs suffering an inferiority complex from IIPM.' Make that my nomination for the most hilarious joke of the year!