Thursday, October 20, 2005

Govinda *heart* Dawood

It is bad enough half his constituents hate him for doing nothing, even worse he just went through personal tragedy when his family got into an accident. But nothing hurts more than when the past comes back to bite you in the ass. Even worse, this happens when the country's second-most populous and most dysfunctional state is in the throes of election fever. Worse still, our man was from that state once upon a time - even though sharing a laugh with 'D' doesn't make half as bad as that Pappu Yadav guy!
Anyway, in other news, it seems that it isn't just Mumbai cops and tinted window owning Delhi goons, even hyper-paid soccer stars can be rapists. However to clarify, this is only an enquiry and you shouldn't damn a person until he is proven guilty - but I was really surprised to hear that it was Christiano Ronaldo. However, I will not use this fact to taunt misguided Man U fans.
I wonder how ToI and its guest-editor (of indeterminate sexuality - is he bi or gay? The debate continues, but as Codey pointed out, the women on the third floor had no chance if the fourth floor got involved) will react to this. Poor Double-T woke up at obscenely early hour and yet was unable to speak to the man. Sleep is a dangerous thing.
In more IIPM related news. There are even more fake blogs coming up with only one distinguishing factor - it has the term IIPM thirty or seventy times in its name or among the keywords. Someone should tell IIPM's IT department headed by our dear friend Andy (the erstwhile IIPM student) that 'keyword' based search engines are out, they use something called 'PageRank' now - to know your website/blogs pagerank - click here. This blog has an unbelievably high PR of 5. That is because I kick ass!
(By the way how many times did I mention IIPM there?)
This is Venkat's post on IIPM's (IMI) 'Faboulous' Brussels Campus - which has a lake or something. He has pictures.
General photochopping of IIPM adverts.
And of course, there is the Blogosphere's very own super-duper investigative journalist, who hides under the guise of being a grad student (a real grad school in California, not one invented in the mind of an IIPM acolyte!). Even more dirt dug up by Swati, I mean this is shitloads of dirt. Its scary.


Kaps said...

don't give information like Page ranks to them....otherwise they will rig that as well....or they will try and buy google:-)


K said...

I don't think that even all their middle-eastern patrons put together can afford Google. However, I think they might start a new start-up search engine and then call it 'the biggest in the world'. All results will lead to sites advocating Ponytail Management.

Varun said...

What does the '*heart*' in the title signify? Didn't understand the joke/insinuation/allegation/whatever :-(

thalassa_mikra said...

K, I don't think Govinda has any Bihari connections. He's a Punjabi who grew up in Bombay (Virar to be precise). Unless his mother was from Bihar. Again, thanks for the mention!

thalassa_mikra said...

K, I've been looking through the blogs set up by IIPM students and faculty and they are hilarious! Some of the best entertainment to emerge out of this sordid story.

iron man said...

Why have u stopped anon comments???
google is out, try (not a single google / yahoo search)

K said...

I believe Govinda does have a Bihari connection through his family.
True, Mr Ahuja is essentially a Virar boy and he won siognificant brownie points by travelling in the Virar Fast during the campaign, but the man has almost disappeared ever since he won the election.

Sakshi said...

Hi ! K, first time here...pretty good place to get the latest gupshup.

Anyways, in regards to Govinda. I happen to live in the same housing society as him. Yesterday, there was huge traffic outside our society gate. Loads of cops and the media was a real pain in the toshie. Today morning was the same sceneario.
I just don't understand the Indian media at times, instead of pin-pointing Govinda's fault as a politician, they rather waste their time digging out old past. Plus they are the very same people who last month, were with him wishing his family's well-being. And stating that he is a "changed man" now. Indian media is a perfect example of "double standards".

K said...

Sakshi, so true......

MCK said...

Is there still a need to drag the IIPM brand name through the dirt? we have done a lot for the Indian communities everywhere. If you have a problem 'K', please email me or come and talk to me about it. We have the 'open door' policy at IIPM. Education is Wealth.

We are listening to you bloggers in India, please know that we have also set up blogs to disseminate information and we will be disassociating ourselves from all slander and lies about out golden university.

For the record we do not have any Middle Eastern patrons or the like. Our operations budget which has been examined by JAM previous to their slanderous article is available at our univerity's reception for the pubblic to see!

K said...

But about your educational qualifications?

iron man said...

dear k

please delete the comment of "dr.malay chaudhuri". he is a total fraud - the website..

(u no hoo frm pune)