Sunday, October 30, 2005

Dilli Haat

I wanted to buy something for Friendgirl and Mom, so I decided to go to Dilli Haat for a small shopping adventure. After yesterday, my mother asked me if I was crazy (forgetting the fact that she had spent half the morning at Malviya Nagar market) going shopping after yesterday's attacks.
I mumbled something about not letting 'them' impact my Diwali. So, determined to screw Mr Jihadi by showing that he couldn't hurt the citizenry of Delhi (of which I am a temporary member again) I dragged Friendgirl and Double-T (much to Friendgirl's chargin) along and went to Dilli Haat. The place was rather empty. Why? Because I got parking within two minutes. Getting parking (if any of you have been to Dilli Haat, you'll know what I'm getting at) at that complex is pretty difficult and on a Sunday evening it should be impossible. That said, there were quite a few people at Dilli Haat. What surprised me most were the large number of firangs who were there. However, everybody from the traders to the restuarant waiters (I had a BijoliGrill Fish Orly) said that the crowds were lower.
But, I had come on a mission. And an special exhibition called 'India Weaves' made it easier to find things for the ladies. I bought two Kashmiri Pashmina shawls, and while buying the shawls I had a long chat with the shopkeeper, who obviously was Kashmiri. He just said this much, "They should give up now, by doing this they achieve nothing."
After that I managed to weave my way to Lodhi Colony market because Friendgirl wanted to buy some lights to put on her balcony. I went t6here because itr was on our way, and it is a lot cheaper than buying lights at a major South Delhi market. A nice long string of lights for Rs 25 is a steal I'ld say.
Now, I'll try and figure out the cards scene, but I have to first work out if there is a siungle HDFC Bank ATM with cash left this side of town.


aristera says said...

love dilli haat. and love dilli. there was a point in life when i wanted to give up all and move to a little barsati in hauz khas village. and trust me, coming from a true blue bombayite, it says a lot!

thalassa_mikra said...

Aristera!!! A Hellene or Philhellene?

Ah the Kashmiri shawl traders. My mother and I would go every year to the Kashmiri crafts expo in CP. And the merchants were so warm, always urging Ma and me to visit Kashmir once "haalaat behtar ho jaaye".

Once we asked to see real Jamawar (not the cheap crap that most traders sell) and the shopkeeper beamed with pride. He said "Ah, you are Bengalis,right? Bengalis know how to appreciate these things" :)

Bonatellis said...

i was at delhi haat last week ... my first time there, and was most impressed.
i also liked the food there ... considering that u get the most pathetic biriyani in Mumbai, i must say I ate to my heart's content at the UP stall ...