Thursday, October 27, 2005


I had barely been back in the capital for 24 hours when Rodu suggested the following - lets go to TeeCee. My impassioned screams of "Nahin!" were ignored by the group of three, despite the fact that I was doing the driving (Note to self: Must never crib about Delhi roads/Drivers again). So we went to TeeCee - and because it was 'Media Night' the place was jam-packed. It seems Gaurav Sorel has been an expected benificiary of the media boom. I met him downstairs as he was trying to run back home (there was a distinct lack of oxygen in the place) and he was just smiling away about the business boost that media night had provided him. However, there weren't too many media sods around (unless you count adsales and PR guys as media) - even though I did end up meeting at least 15 people I hadn't met in a year, and many others I didn't want to meet.
Now despite what some people think of TeeCee (the only place that plays rock music in Delhi - now that The Mezz has finally sold out - damn the fact that the guy plays the same music day in and day out - the last new music I heard there was two years ago), and I must admit I also like the place - yesterday was a very bad idea. One beer in, I managed to persuade Rodu to leave, the other two didn't need much convincing. So went to this new joint at Saket called Bennigans - its a multinational chain a la TGIF or Ruby Tuesday, but the decor reminded me of a cheap lodge in Manali, too woody and it felt too old. But they did have good draught beer and the food - other than the glorified bread pakora that Rodu had wasn't terribly bad. In fact it was rather good. If only the place was a tad brighter.
Later Bobs joined us and after going through a round about conversation about the differences between Hentai, Anime, Manga et al (we still don't know the differences) and coming to the conclusion that the Japaanese have to be the single weirdest culture on the face of this planet (even though sometimes I think that us Indians - if we can be classified as a single culture that is - give them a run for their Yen).
Anyweay, I've done my TeeCee darshan, now to have some more fun. Bobs is jamming tonight, so I guess I'm headed back to Saket.
Now back to everyones fave topic - IIPM. Vivek Law on CNBC TV18/Awaaz is slowly 'uncovering' IIPM's worst kept secrets, and thanks to the work done by the army of bloggers, some of the better kept secrets are also coming out of the closet. I wonder if people at IIPM have begun to lose their jobs for pathetic fire-fighting abilities. I mean, these guys make the Bush administration's fire-fighting and PR abilities look good.


Shivangi said...

Frenz were insisting on TeeCee yesterday... Media Night is reason enough. Thank god we dint go! Had a peaceful get together for the birthday boy (one of my frenz turned 26, and couldnt get over the fact that I was only 22! Dont know why though), set up a fire on the roof top... it was good fun!

shyam said...

Only thing I liked Bennigans is for the bar, you can sit by yourself and the bar tender is more than willing to chat you up. The food, I tried some mushroom, which was pretty okay, otherwise I have not heard much good about it.

TC is more about habit these days than pleasure, it is like an itch that shows up every now and then. I can only wish that I could make the kind of money Gaurav makes every night. All the tables are full other than for a couple of days in the week. What more could an owner ask for, esp when you consider that food & booze biz has some of the best margins out there, even if you are a half dimwit.

As far as the music goes, I am sure the much abused CDJ100 deck would know the grooves on the CDs by heart by now.

K said...

Because it plays the same ten CD's night after bloody night. TeeCee is going the Hawaiian Shack way - which isn't a bad thing, but rather boring.
Anyway, GS is looking more lala-like every day.

thalassa_mikra said...

I'm a bit confused, what is TC supposed to be exactly? A restaurant, bar or club?

Vikas said...

Hi K.
You're one hell of a writer! keep writin dude. Its fun to read you.

K said...

TC is a bar (basement) and a rather nice restuarant upstairs. On the first floor they have a joint called 'Days of the Raj' which isn't bad either.

papamali said...

There is no place in Delhi, Bangalore or Bombay that plays good contemporary music; the reason is simple: severely challenged people with very, very scant exposure across every genre of contemporary American, British, other European or world music are the DJs at such places. Owners like the one you have mentioned have no clue either.

credit info said...

iipm has released another howlarious press release today.
They clarify that papa ponytail was a communist byproduct of the 1950's.
No wonder the sins of the father dont seem to have been visited upon his alleged son - too bad - some chickens were better off being roosters.

K said...

Why had I thought that MKC would claim to be East German.
The strange thing is that both Indian Institute of Chicken Management and Shamity have dubious German connections. Anyway, I'm sure we can check out on these too soon.
Hey, Papamali, great to see you here. As Codey says, the console would know the grooves on the CD by heart by now. Same music everytime, at the very same time. It is great place - if you like 'security blankets'. At least the Shack changes the Abba songs once in a while.