Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Das hazaar khwaish aise!

Ten thousand hits in three and a bit months - not bad, eh! However, let me start by welcoming Snakeman who is currently lost in a sea of television mediocrity - a sea in which AB is also setting sail. Of course, some are more important items on the agenda - like the article that Nag linked to - which is by far and away among the funniest things I have read in a long, long time. I have three words for anybody who aspires to write about Technology - particularly consumer products (nothing quite replaces knowledge when it comes to technical writing) - Gizmodo, Engadget and CNet. But the Sony launching the iPod Nano bit is still hilarious!
Anyway, I am curious as to why Wertti wants to burn down a large part of Vasant Vihar. As Snakeman points out, Wertti is quite prone to attacks of sudden activity - even though I don't doubt the survivability of a movie hall - I am scared for ToI's TT table. The loss of a TT partner can drive even the most stable individuals to insanity - Wertti is not exactly a paragon of sanity - anyone who spends Rs 2000 buying pirated DVD's in one day (that would be some 100 hours plus of viewing - and Wertti already owns a DVD collection par excellence) is not sane. However, I must admit that by making me read Haruki Murakami I am most indebted to the man.
Whats happening in the Bombay media? Nothing much really. I recently got a job offer from Outlook for a new business magazine they are starting called Outlook Business or something like that. It will not be a rebranding of Outlook Money, which will remain to be as a Personal Finance monthly, this will be more of a corporate special. The magazine will most probably be a fortnightly and is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2006. The money was good and the designation would have been nice as well - but I kinda like where I work. I mean that my bosses are psychotic, but on the whole its a nice place - and the money I get isn't all that bad (it isn't great either).
By, the way did I mention that the weather in Bombay sucks.


Soumyadip said...

Good money, good designation and only a fortnightly. You must have built up some inertia.

Vijayeta said...

I AM a shameless voyeur! This page is like Instant Gossip...Delhi tak! Yeah...the Bombay weather sucks now...missing Delhi and the onset of winter :(
Sony launching iPod Nano?
This too shall pass!

K said...

On the psychotic editors bit - umm.. I really love you guys, but for gods sake!!!!