Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Ping Pong Balls

Toy Boy Wertti had a great day yesterday. After catching a great movie (The Cinderella Man - go see it!) he was driven home by me and then I cooked him dinner - Fried Eggs and Sausages with Brown Bread.

After dinner he was positively glowing with satisfaction. I had to do something about it.

So I told him Bur-man had quit Toy.

Wertti's eyes opened wide.


I nodded.

I could see the gentle buzz of the joint he had smoked turn into an irritating early morning alarm.

"No dude."

I nodded, more emphatically.

"But, he's my TT partner."

When ping pong balls come into question, you know its hurting Wertti bad. Incidentally, his parents call him Bubbles.

I left him shaking his head, muttering about quitting toy, murdering o-bheek and burning down Priya ... that last one has nothing to do with Bur-man quitting.

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shyam said...

I found CM to be a bit of a let down. Frankly, I expected more from Ron Howard. There are moments in the movie where it drags you in, but otherwise it is not taut or tight enough, even if Russell Crowe is the delectable mumbler as ever.

Affy is a good catch for ND, though I don't think he'd be able to do much there. The place is slowly transforming itself into a ToI clone and most people who've moved from print to major posts in telly have not done too well. Like a couple of them here I know, who were very dismissive of the medium initially, are now eating crow.