Thursday, October 06, 2005

Of Playstations and other demons

My weekend is sorted, not because Friendgirl (remember her?) is coming down to visit me in the city of Rats, but because the guys who import the PSP into India have given me a piece to call my own (just for the weekend). Three games, one movie and the coolest game device around - what more could I ask for - but of course, fate always manages to conspire against you. This should be a Saturday when I could have stayed home and done nothing - but of course, somebody else will fix up a meeting for me on Saturday forenoon. Anyway, this will not make me refrain from playinggames as long as possible.
As I said, there are times I do love my job.
However, gaming and me have been very bad friends before. I remember spending hours on an old Atari 2600 before they came out with the 'Samurai' game system - which was a rebranded NES. Damn, I spent hours playing 'Double Dragon' and 'Legend of Kage' and what not. Then I had a Dreamcast where I spent the good part of three days virtually non-stop playing 'Soul Calibur', while missing work. Which wasn't a very good thing - you couldn't exactly explain to your boss that you spent the first three days of the week staring at the screen while watching scantily-clad video-game women slug it out with muscle-bound ugsters.
Yes, I was/am a game nerd. I have given up chances at actual romantic escapades because I had chance of beating a person I didn't like so much at FIFA. Sometimes I used to have people I didn't even know (what sometimes, by the end of it, I used to have six guys I didn't know in my living room). In fact, there have been times that I have thought that my gaming addiction was worse than my smoking pot - No wait - it all went together - Pot+Coffee+Chips+Game Console. I even had the house wired up in such a way that when the inverter kicked in - which it did a lot in Delhi those days - the console would stay powered.
Going 'Cold Turkey' was difficult - I found solace in the internet - where beautiful (body modified) women beckoned you at every nook and cranny. And there were always cheap Javascript games to be found. But I quit, and I haven't bought the latest generation of toys - I will however buy a PS3 next year - but I should be older and wiser by then. I may even get married. However, the PSP is offering me the chance at a fling, a chance to remember the past life, and boy am I going to embrace it with both arms wide open.
Baby, we are going to have a blast!


shyam said...

Yes, we do remember the friendgirl, does the potential marriage have anything to do with that? Weirdly, I am gradually coming around to the idea. Scary. I must indeed be growing old.

My first forays into the binary world was on 386s and the first machine I had at home was a PI with 16 megs of RAM, found my around it by messing up the OS numerous times by deleting important .sys files.

What is the tentative pricing for the PS3 here? I am lost between investing in some serious audio production hardware and getting one of those. Probably will go with the hardware only, maybe even a decent lappy just for kicks.

Bonatellis said...

have a great weekend

K said...

My first computer was a 1984 ZX Spectrum+ with a then boggling 48kb of RAM, audio tape games.. My father spent some 400 pounds in 1985 for that. I loved it...

Anonymous said...

and friendgirl will party with the boys!
loads of night outs for me while k is busy with his toys!!
here i come boysss.......