Wednesday, October 05, 2005

ET decides its time for an Apple-Sony merger

In today's Economic Times:

Sony has recently introduced iPod nano.


That's the first line of the article.

From the next paragraph:
Apple and Motorola will soon launch a new gadget which will have the features of both the iPod and a cell phone.

There really is no point in talking about the Rokr here is there?

It gets better:

Nokia has launched 7710, a tony gadget which has a wide-screen phone with pen input, handwriting recognition with up to 90-MB internal memory, 128-MB MMC card.

And then, there are the pearls of wisdom:

While the past generation was happy with a 14-inch colour television, a 165-litre refrigerator and maybe a music system, the present generation of consumers are more taken in by newer products that have both practical as well as snob value. Most of the electronic companies are encashing on this new trend.

And here's a comment on how hard it is for relationships to last -- or is it a comment on one night stands?

Their latest range includes a 1-tonne air conditioner, 5.5-kg washing machine and 20-litre microwave. It is targeted towards mostly single people.

Yes, I read the entire thing so that you lot could have a good time. Go suffer through the whole thing here: Gizmos for you in this festive season- The Economic Times


K said...

A 5.5 kg washing machine is actually quite big. But god knows what this woman meant (4.5kg?) because the piece is littered with I haven't done my homework stupidities...
And she quotes RB for Samsung. Don't tell me the main paper printed this!

Anonymous said...

no it didn't. its their web edition...content from indiatimes

btw, i wonder who told her about sony launching the iPod nano...

truly stevie's wonder!!

thalassa_mikra said...

Ok I have absolutely no idea how many litres my microwave can hold. And I can understand a smaller washing machine for a single person (less load), why oh why would they need a smaller AC and microwave? Do these reporters actually manage to get away with this?

Honestly, in my neck of the woods, the iPod doesn't have a shred of snob value. It still remains pretty cool though.