Monday, October 24, 2005

Another week, another life....

I watched The Motorcycle Diaries last night. There wasn't too much motorcycling in the movie as the Noton 500 goes kaput about a fourth of the way in. While the conematography is brilliant, the story feels rather 'curt' at times - subjecting any piece of literature to Hollywood's 100-minute movie ideal does make things rather difficult for the ditor, but I have always felt that DVD's could at least have the 'Longer Version' as an option and not the cursory 'Deleted Scenes' special feature. Even though, that said, there is this huge rumour that my arty-farty dostlog keep telling me about how Coppola will one day bring out a six-hour uncut version of Apocalypse Now because even Redux couldn't fit everything in. And I'm still trying to understand the entire French colony thing.
The second movie I watched last night was Pedro Almadovar's 'What have I done to deserve this'. This is one of the Spanish filmakers earlier films and it did seem a little half-baked. But it have the typical Almadovar criss-crossing of everything with everything. But unlike Live Flesh, you didn't get completely mind-fucked at the end and then had to spend two hours deconstructing the entire movie just to understand what happened. Hollywood makes it slightly easy for you - Kaiser Soze in the Usual Suspects y'know. Not as easy as Bollywood though.
Anyway, I head back to Delhi, which now in my opinion is the only city in India worthy of the title of 'Metropolis' because Bombay is increasingly seeming like one big slum.
I am still amazed at the contrast between the 'haves' and the 'have-nots' in Bombay, because there is shitloads of money in the city, but it seems rather strange that the city itself barely manages to limp along. There is no doubt that the suburban train system in Mumbai is possibly one of the world's greatest, but it would help if it didn't look like the world's shabbiest. You might think that I'm just a spoiled Delhi boy bitching because I miss the big roads and open areas, and talk to a Mumbai-kar about Delhi and they'll say Hamara Paisa se bana hai Dilli. While I don't exactly agree or disagree with that argument, the ignorance of the government (both local and national) towards this city is mind-boggling.
Anyway, Jeh Wadia's little pink airline starts flying on the 30th. If you're lucky you can catch a free ticket - they plan to give away 10,000 a month - if they colour them pink (did Preity have anything to do with the colour?). But, as I have asked before, how on earth do these guys make moolah? And with fares going to be 'cheaper' than Air Deccan, how on earth do the Wadia's plan to make money off this venture?
Please to note IIPM and Planman issues an ad to itself about the statements in a particular magazine.


Shivangi said...

I am wondering, in these troubled times for IIPM, how much did HT make out of printing that ad? Does the price go up with bad luck? :)

thalassa_mikra said...

I like Almodovar. My Spanish friend tells me Almodovar's boyfriend is super hot. The perks of being a celebrated director!

BTW, have you noticed the mean and snarky comments Bombaywallahs reserve for Delhi? The hatred is so visceral, you wonder what feeds it. Do they really think that Delhi is appropriating money that's rightfully theirs?

I think the Jharkhandis are the ones who should be raising the biggest stink on that score. Bihari/Jharkhandi paise se bana hai Mumbai.

the still dancer said... of the bangalore bloggers here. we wil go after gaudru as well, as in at least in ways that a blogger can- by writing about it. but one issue at a time, don't you think. and as i've clarified time and again, the demonstration is not just about going after iipm- it has given us an opportunity to make an assertive statement about our identities, and engender debate about where exactly we fit in in the new information value chain

K said...

tks for the clarification.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot!
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