Sunday, October 02, 2005

Gossip gossip gossip

Delhi is reeling.

I overheard a little butterfly talking about two people fired from the only English news channel in the countru besides Headlines Today for having given vital information to rival channels.

One is said to have leaked the news rundown order to channel 7 -- suddenly a major rival it seems.

The other is supposed to have leaked technical secrets (you use the red button on the remote to switch the tv on?) to a channel that hasn't been launched yet.

independent confirmation of these rumours is awaited in the form of appointment letters from the channels they helped.


in other news today. a new channel is currently undergoing a massive onslaught of what K calls "a communal sex farm's" behaviour.

when the man left nd, little did he know that trailing behind him was the permissiveness that makes temperatures soar at nd's gk office.

the affairs have started.

noida is heating up.

rubber trees are being planted everywhere.

disclaimer: i am not a beneficiary


and finally, incompetence refuses to leave journalism. for all its promise, the new channels are stuck with the same ratio of competent people to incompetent morons.

and as usual, the competent are outnumbered.

but with no channel on the air, the competent are drowning in a sea of media-cracy.


g'night good people!


K said...

So who is the big-time mover-shaker in rubber plantation?

Anonymous said...

Dude, a lot of us who are not in Delhi will appreciate if you become a little more explicit! I can't wait to read the next gossip piece. Cheers.

thalassa_mikra said...

So when the man left ND did he manage to snare away a large chunk of their team? Who's missing from ND now? Communal sex farm, what a riot :)!

K said...

Quite a lot of technical people left with RS. Anyways, Snakey who is having all these hot-hot-hot affairs? Do they stink as well?