Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Main Stream coverage!

DNA's Sruthijit KK carries the first rather comprehensive article on the IIPM vs Bloggers controversy in a mainline daily. This is the web-link, but for the record the story appeared on page 14 of the daily - their daily science and technology page - 'Evolutions'. Instead of exploring the legalities of the issue - which are contradictory because lawyers have no legal precedent to play with - the story explores the sequence of events - also mentioning the rather dubious antecedents of the father - the Berlin School of Economics fraud is now well known - it seems that the man has made even more dubious claims.
Now there are full-fledged blogs on this side of the blog divide which are downright aggressive- we can be nasty too - sort of blogs. Not that that will stop me from linking to them.
My last check on Technorati revealed 861 posts about the issue (and that won't include this one) - even if you believe that only three-quarters of the posts were made in the last ten days - that means that since the eighth when Desipundit first highlighted the issue - one heck of a lot of server space has been dedicated to IIPM. Yes, the matter has lost the head of steam that it built up last week, but now with more tradional media picking it up, things won't die down just yet.
Where is the full-page advert from IIPM by the way?
And on another note, why was I subjected to news about Bonkur and Koko in Mid-Day today? Mid-Day's standards have declined considerably in the past few months (they hired Bogsian after all!) but with this, it has really taken a tumble. I wonder if Bogsian was Mid-Day's un-named source. Its bad enough that the media has made Koko into a sultry siren (At which I snap back to the reality of St Stephens College 1998 - where Koko was well, Koko and Bonkur was, and still is, an emaciated soul), but for gods sake I don't want to read about their love lives. Why? Can't Mid-day write about some other item number girl who has to sell herself to raise money to pay music video directors so that she can make it big in Bollywood, and then suddenly gets caught in a sting operation by a News channel claiming to be #1 in some adverts. But she continues to sell herself. Life, I tell you!
EDIT : Plaintain Management!

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thalassa_mikra said...

Wow, a mention in DNA, even though un-attributed! Cool, I think I have to thank you for this K.

And cut Konkona some slack, she did star in Page 3 after all. I mean they've featured random models from my Mom's hometown Durgapur for chrissakes! But yes, I don't think Konkona qualifies for the "sultry siren" label.

BTW, for some strange reason Konkona's Mammy is universally detested by all my West Bengal cousins. When asked all that they could come up with was that she's the epitome of "nyaka".