Thursday, May 22, 2008

Skid marks on the undie!

Many of my friends at UndieTV 24x7 have been an aggrieved bunch of late, not just because the anchors have been shuffled around and 'credible' faces have been brought in, but in an attempt to rehabilitate some people, a whole new bunch of script checkers have emerged, whereby 35-year old senior reporters are having scripts 'checked' by 22-year old greenhorns, and this has as you can expect in a world full of inflated egos led to a summer of discontent at Archana. There is no full-scale mutiny as yet, but that is what the East India Company thought in 1857.
It also appears that simmering tensions between channels are getting worse, and one person in the channel claimed that 'How can a channel that no-one gets have a higher viewership than ours!' (refering to Metronation). It also appears that a whole bunch of senior reporters are in 'talks' with an upcoming new English news channel being set up. I am sure things are not as bad as some people say they are, but with corporate focus shifting entirely to the entertainment channels, and musclebound self-styled 'tech experts' claiming that they are now the powers that be, things are not looking so good either.
In other news, while some people will not desert the sinking ship just yet, it appears that the resident editor of the ship's Delhi edition is running away to Dubai. Thanks to a ego-clash 'incident' involving an old man past his prime, the ship might also end up losing one of its better reporters - even though the 'incident' in question led to the French ambassador calling up Madam B. Though, the sinking ships tale is not even half as interesting as the tale of the confused old men but because I have been 'embargoed' from writing about the degree of confusion, I will not.
And lastly, so what if you are a new paper, you must follow Indian journalism's hallowed tradition of plagiarism! Just what can you possibly say?


Anonymous said...

nepotists can never be #1 in a free market economy.

Anonymous said...

This was the plan at Archana - fancy designations and promises of mammoth hikes to the top 4,5 who were told they would have to make the new system work. As a result the new system is being enforced regardless of the consequences -which certainly don't include higher TRPs. Instead, what has happened is nitwits throwing their weight around and people who have never been out on the field telling reporters what the real story is. And of course, complete illiterates are checking scripts now, as opposed to an experienced and generally efficient bunch in place earlier. So far, the bosses with the hikes and fancy designations rule, but the word is, a lot of disgruntled people are already in talks with other organisations (well-timed, it seems). So expect an exodus from Archana pretty soon.