Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fly Kingfisher drinking RC!

The honorary Doctor (and he who selects air-hostesses 'personally') contends that he would have bought MSD, Uthappa and McCullum instead of his 'fantastic' team (though with RD still being an icon player) but since the IPL has a 'salary cap' this year, he would have had to play with a team of four. Add up the salaries of these three players, plus the fact that RD would then be getting $1.8mln since MSD would be paid $1.6mln, and you would touch the $5mln limit. Of course, I get to hear from friends in Bangalore (many of whom now support the Shah Rukh - Akhtar show) that people are not pleased with the honorary Doctor bad-mouthing Bangalore's greatest son - RD. To be fair, if I were the hon. Doc I would be pissed too, but so are the owners of the Hyderbad team and they aren't throwing a hissy fit like a spoilt brat.
But then again, when your Formula 1 cars advertise your airline well by flying in the very first lap, what can you expect? Obviously look at the softer target, making sure the media ignores flying stunts. The hon. Doc wants to be a mid-field player in F1 soon, but with the teams back to base in Europe (showing their true pace) and Super Aguri out of the reckoning, the hon. Doc is sullying India's name (why Force India???) through the mud (with flying Fisi admitting as much), of course, Bangalore's rep is in the mud already. But then again with such god-awful uniforms what did you expect.

The flying fish - or Kingfisher's new jet?

Though, it appears that the hon. Doc will make sure the salary cap will be removed next year and he will go all guns blazing for some big names from the other teams, which means the IPL might actually become profitable for everyone else. Of course, for the poor shareholders of United Spirits however, it is a different matter.

Heck, even I'm drinking Carlsberg nowadays! I quit RC a long time ago, though Mallya still gains since the IPL is an even better surrogate ad for booze than the airline.

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