Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Left hand, Right Hand!

People ask me why I pick on EchTee. But I was not the genius who thought of this. One hand says the man is coke-addled maniac. The other fetes him. Don't believe me? Judge for yourself. This is what went on May 28. What else can I say?
By the way, Mr Modi, saying that you entered a 'Plea' bargain bargain because you didn't want to fight the case is a ridiculous defence. Several spoilt, rich Indian kids go to the States to study and discover the joys of frying their nuts out on Cocaine, few however get caught for you are accused of doing. Good story, by the way!
Note to people, the debate on plagiarism has to be started, because it is an emotional topic which people feel strongly about. Over here, people are debating the rights and wrongs of taking bylines for follow-up stories which may or may not have more information. I am not judging people, but I don't want to be the one seen to be pointing fingers. If an edit page article has lifted text, bring it out. Nobody is infallible, a senior editor had his reputation destroyed because of this problem which plagues the industry.
To the commentor who suggested Kuldip Nayar's name as a regulator - the man is a boring fart whose worldview is stuck in the 1960's. TV is a dynamic medium, but no-one deserves to have their reputations maligned on TV because of an incompetent reporter or editor. The treatment of the Noida murder case by certain televsion stations has been pathetic, and India TV in particular. I don't care how 'fearless' the channel claims to be or how 'tabloidish', some of the stuff they've done defies logic and basic decency. I wonder how it is before Rakhi Sawant starts reading the news. Crazy.


Anonymous said...

no surprize that at least 2 journos have said "ILLAI*" to top job at yechtee

*: tambram for 'no'

Anonymous for this comment said...

On plagiarism, see this post. Newspapers now steal from bloggers. Great!

I was thinking of writing for a broadsheet in India and had started approaching people. Now I know exactly how to assess their conciliatory noises. What a bunch of thieves we Indians are!