Sunday, May 04, 2008

Oh well...

Sometimes discretion is better than valour, but what I can say is that once this saga comes to an end, and it will one way or another by the end of this month, you will see a lot more here. Now, what I can write is that things are beyond the point of no return.
In other news, exciting things are happening at Undie TV 24x7 with a complete reshuffle of senior editors and anchors - the channel feels that 'credible' faces are required on the prime-time shows, which will probably lead to the channel losing some of their very good other anchors. They did lose one fairly recently who went and joined PR. There are also major doubts among several of the reporting staff, but also a feeling that the channel did need to change if it had to keep up with CNN-IBN. According to some senior reporters there is also a level of office politics involved with senior anchors playing against each other - Vasu's return to Delhi being just one of the signs.
The problem here is also that a lot of the senior editors have stayed the same for far too long, NDTV 24x7 has gone far too long, going back to the Star News days without major change and things have come to head. While issues on the ToI-FT front will more or less resolve within a few weeks, expect more news to come out of Archana.


Anonymous said...

why not turn your sights to the south for a change...things are likely to happen in the People's Daily of Chennai. don't be surprised if there is a reshuffle at the very top in the coming weeks, if not days, with the possibility of the card holding `lal salaam' big boss retiring on health grounds.

Anonymous said...

NDTV ...hmm....its time they closed the shop. they cant EVEN put up a decent fight against the one man army at Times Now.