Monday, May 26, 2008

Social kya?

I find social-networking daft at a quite fundamental level, though I have (I mean, the K beyond the K) has signed up on all the major ones. You know a social network is uncool when either your parents or your boss signs up, but when Outlook does a half-assed cover story you should certainly sign off permanently. But sadly, I haven't been able to. While I do ignore the tends of email spam inviting me to the latest 'get rich quick' social network idea where venture capitalists usually use other people's money to fund their wives/sons/relatives/mistress' new and throughly pointless copy of Facebook or LinkedIn, getting out of those two is tough. Go out for a meeting during the day and somewhere down the line someone will ask you if you have a LinkedIn profile. At night, you might meet a pretty girl or an interesting chap at a club and sooner or later it will be 'we'll catch you on Facebook', not let us swap numbers. Nope. Just Facebook. And once on Facebook people go out of their way to bug you and doing increasingly irritating things. Not 16-year old kids mind you, but 25-plus supposedly grown-up people. I don't want to be 'poked' twenty times a day! Yes, it is great fun finding friends you have not met since you graduated from school, but then you figure out that there usually was a very good reason you did keep in touch with them.
Sorry for the rant! Nice ad about 'poking' though.

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