Friday, May 16, 2008

More Pictures

Almost everybody loves travelling. But over the past year or so, thanks to a strange set of circumstances, I have actually managed to travel a lot. Not just within India, when I was dispatched to the Andamans but also to some rather exotic places, both on my own time and on office time. Recently, just after returning from Cambodia and Thailand I was about to submit my passport for renewal when my procrastination actually worked in my favour for once. Because I delayed the process, I actually managed to snag a very lovely trip (well, I actually pleaded to be sent, but that is another story) up to Lake Como on Italy's border with Switzerland. Here are some pictures of the trip.
On Lake Como, I was staying at Moltrasio, one of the myriad of small towna that dot the shore. While there I took the (really slow) ferry ride to Bellagio.
At Bellagio, playing around with the camera.
In Bellagio, the average room rates sometimes exceed 500 Euro a night for a 'normal' room, which in Europe will likely be miniscule. But with a view like this...
We took a motorboat the next day, that is Moltrasio in the background
Cruising past the 500-year old Villa D'Este at Cernobbio
OK, I had gone for a car show, and what a car to see the $2.3million, stupendously expensive and incredibly fast Bugatti veyron. Not just any veyron though, this is the special edition Hermes Veyron.

This was also a classic car gathering, and while I have two SD-cards full of classic car images I won't bore you with those. Here is just a sampler.

I was flying back to India via Munich, though I had decided to extend my trip for one night at Munich, I really didn't expect the flight from Milan-Malpensa to Munich to be so spectacular. High-wing aircraft are a lot better for photography.

OK, so I loved the view. I have almost fifty shots in this series.

This picture is of Munich, or more specifically the pedestrian heart of Munich, which is a bloody expensive city, but to the credit of the Germans what a magnificent re-building job they have done, though you can evidence that in Frankfurt and Berlin also. Honestly, despite paying 50 Euro a night for a Pension I should have spent a few more days here. If only bank balance wasn't busted after south-east Asia.
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Shefaly said...

Lovely photos, but I have to add that 500 Euros a night is too much for most Europeans except those on expense accounts. :-)

It does not surprise me any more that in the blogosphere, anything remotely gossipy gets many people called Anonymous (it is a really popular name in India now I think!) foaming at the mouth but it must be the photos that stunned them all into silence.

PS: Got here from a friend's shared reader. :-) Funny blog! And that is funny ha-ha not funny strange.