Thursday, May 15, 2008


I didn't know that Radiohead had a video out from 'In Rainbows' as yet, and was pleasantly surprised to see this on VH1 last night. The video is for 'All I Need', a great track from what is a wonderful album. The video has been made in collaboration with MTV's EXIT campaign (End Child Exploitation and Trafficking). I guess you know that child explotation is a severe problem in India and though the news usually gets buried in the nation or city pages with a cursory description, every day you read about children being rescued in a major urban area - some right next door to some of the posher parts of the city. Of course, there is also the large-scale problem of child-prostitution in India as well, something that successive governments have turned a blind eye towards, of course you'll hear the right noises. The oft-used argument is that there is poverty in India and children need to work to feed their families. I don't buy this argument. Yes, there is poverty and poverty exacerbates the problem, but the main problem is poor governance. Children have been ignored in the rush to prosperity in this country, and if you are born on the wrong side of the social divide, your childhood years are pretty much guaranteed to be miserable. I'm proud of being an Indian, but sometimes every one of us sees stuff that just makes us cringe a bit, and I will always thank my lucky stars that I was born on the right side.
Enjoy the video and sign up for EXIT!

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