Monday, May 26, 2008


There are somethings that I just cannot understand, one of them being the huge number of underwear adverts on Indian TV. I know India is a great market for underwear, but why so many adverts?


Which Main? What Cross? said...

It depends on the langauge of channel u r watching. Tamil is Sarees. Malayalam is gold and real estate. If u watch news channels it's underwears,etc. it
s cheaper to advertise there. And lots of men watching. The latest burst of underwear ads are because of that Orangutang ad. It's caused a major war for eyeballs among underwear brands. It will suddebnly die down when they run out of money.

Anonymous said...

indian summer --> hot --> sweaty --> itchy --> more washing --> more underwear

Anonymous said...

the reason is prachar communications... an ad agency out of mumbai.

it gets better ad rates than HUL and its primary clients are undie manufaturers

Anonymous said...

Real reason is that most Indian males do not wear the underpants. We prefer either langothies or bloddy nothing at all, which is why it is not rare to see us scratching our neather regions all the f'''ing time, he he he.