Monday, May 12, 2008


Talking about sports...
I am not a Manchester United fan, my alligieneces lie in North London with Arsenal, but you can't deny that Man U were the better team through the season, and with goals like this by a player in the best form of his life, you really could not deny them could you. Everyone thought that Ferguson was a nutter to dump David Beckham and hand the #7 jersey to some unheard of Portuguese kid, but my god, with goals like this.. you can't argue!

I'm really looking forward to the Euro 2008 Championships later this year and I have a funny feeling that the Iberian peninsula could do really well!


nixxin said...

well, what about this one then:


Looking forward to the champions league now.

K said...

Goal of the season during free play however still belongs to Arsenal though through Adebayor, via an un-Arsenal like long ball.
Love the Arabic commentary!!!!