Tuesday, May 13, 2008


It was pointed out to me that I did not post any pictures from my holiday to Cambodia up on this blog, so here are a couple of pics. I shot these on a Nikon D50 using a 18-55mm lens. Was actually contemplating upgrading to a newer Digital SLR, but still debating between the Canon 400D/450D and the Nikon D60. Any suggestions would be welcome! Won't put too many images up, just a quick sampler.The first is a view of Angkor Wat from the east. Even though Angkor Wat is (uniquely) a west-facing templehis was in the morning and the light was hardly suitable for shooting the western side!
This is one of the shikhars at Bayon Temple, which feature these incredible peaceful, smiling faces on each side (pointing at the cardinal directions)
This is Ta-Keo Temple, not a large temple, but definately one of the more 'interesting' ones from a physical exertion point-of-view.
And this is Ta-Prohm Temple, which is being renovated by the Archeological Survey of India, you can argue that the guys can't take care of what they have here why on earth are they going outside India, but I would say that they know more than most, and this is one hell of a job they have on their hands.

The last temple, a rather out of the way one is Banteay-Kdei.

Will do another post sometime with pics from Lake Como. These pics are copyrighted to me (that is K) but under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported. Please read the terms in case you're confused. Thanks


Chirag said...

Dunno, if u decided on a camera. Do consider a baby slr like the canon S5 (or equivalent), especially if your going to be using only a single lens. with an teleadaptor, you could go up pretty high on those...

of course u can choose to be macho and get a real SLR... :)

Raccoon said...

why do you need to upgrade? if at all, you should get some more lenses. an 18-200 for eg with VR is a good investment.