Thursday, January 29, 2009


People have asked me what I feel about the movie and honestly I can't quite understand what all the fuss is about. Nothing wrong with the movie, in fact, two friends of mine worked on the crew and when it was being made, I kept on hearing that it was 'going to be awesome'. Frankly, it is nice and I will not be an attention whore like Ponytail C and say 'It Sucks', because it doesn't. Does it glamorize poverty, erm, well, for God's sake, please remember where we live. No matter how nice the roads ever become, there is a shitload of abject poverty all around us - so this is a bit better than the madcap materialism of some Bollywood productions. But, for me, danny Boyle will always be the guy who made 'Trainspotting'. That is a cult movie for a reason, because it was. And if you think 'Slumdog' glamorizes anything, watch 'Trainspotting' - Jamal is not a Renton, no wonder there were no acting nominations. I liked Slumdog, I even liked Anil Kapoor's acceptance speech at the SAG awards, but as a friend of mine told me over drinks a few days ago - Slumdog may not win too many awards because of Milk - that movie was made to win awards. The only thing that really irritated me is why they took so long to release the movie here, Oscar screeners are all over the torrent sites and this 'Made for India' bullcrap is bunkum, because if it were it would have been released here long ago.
But, really if you want to watch another nice story, watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

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