Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Again and again...

HT launched their all-new bloggers today. That said, only one post is any fun, but what fun! Previous posts on the issue - the start of the matter, my crappy analysis, someone else wades in feeling indignant about something and there will be peace, no wait, that blood, right?

And this is a nice afaqs piece on the adverts for equity model being followed. Surprisingly, HT Media also announced in their last quarterly results that they'll be doing exactly the same thing.

EDIT: Afaqs link corrected


Anonymous said...

Hey K,
Is it true that Priya Ramani is quitting? And what about the rumours that The New Indian Express is in talks with The Indian Express about a merger?

Amrutesh said...

not immediately....she just started a new blog on then a blog is well.... 'just' a blog

On the question of blogs...the newly launched HT Blogs suck big time.

Anonymous said...

HI, the afaqs! piece is going to their home page. Hiunted down the piece here. This is the right link.
And thanks. I bet someone abroad is going to see a presentation based on this soon:)

Anonymous said...

The correct link to 'Are private equities here to stay?" is