Thursday, January 29, 2009

I love controversy, don't I?

I am not posting in support of anybody or even in support of 'blogging' in general, but sometimes some stuff can be deliciously good fun. Such as an organisation mired in losses (Rs 120 crore last quarter) that plays videos from the internet probably violating copyright and lays off lots of young kids protecting their most reviled asset. Incidentally, I have the 'dummy copy' of the new RPG magazine called 'Open' edited by Sandipan Deb (not 'Talk' since the RNI didn't give that registration) and I will quote a blurb from Page 28 of this dummy magazine sent out to several advertisers and media buyers (PS: It is a very nice looking magazine, I won't pass judgement on its commercial viability but it looks nice and the photography is surprisingly good). The blurb goes...
"I loathe close-ups of dead bodies, I loathe reporters asking survivors 'how do you feel'" - Barkha Dutt, Journalist.
Don't sue me, it won't be worth it!
This is a cache of the offensive post! (Abhishek has a copy of the 'offensive' post here)
And the apology tendered!
Amit Agarwal steps in!
As does DesiPundit
And Smoke Signals
I really think that when Wikipedia puts in adjectives in a profile, well, thatb proves that the site is shoddy, but how NDTV manages to constantly manage to piss off its core audience amazes me. Times are tough for everyone, and whern your losses are mounting pissing off viewers is not a smart move. Honest! The Mediaah! incident happened too long ago when the community was far too small, but Ponytail C still pays somewhat of a price for taking people on, it would be a shame if NDTV manages to shoot itself slap-bang in the ass on this matter.
But I'll keep filling you guys in on it. Dang, if January 2009 has been such a bomb of a month online in India, what about the coming eleven months. I can't wait!


Army Officer said...

Why is nobody confronting Barkha's Kargil War bogey defense of "See General Malik's autobiography". I have read the book and all it says is that Barkha asked Malik if the Thuraya sat-phone she was using had given away troop positions and Gen. Malik replied in the negative saying that the Pakis did not have the technology to trace it.

What she did NOT ask him was "Did the firing of the Pinaka rockets (and not Bofors Guns as the idiot Vir Sanghvi suggested) for my famous footage that I use in promos cause the loss of man and machine because the plume of smoke left by the firing was easily visible over mountain tops to the Pakis?"

His (honest) answer would have been YES! Everyone in the fauj knows this incident but it was hushed up since they were so grateful for her rah-rah!

A regular reader said...

Care to comment on this -

Abhi2point0 said...

@army officer

I think they were called iridium sat-phones back in 99!

K, any way of verifying this claim?

Army Officer said...

@Abhi 2.0

You are right, being a tech journalist you have spotted the error, my apologies. It was indeed Iridium. But the rest of the story is 100% true .. ask any Army officer who served in that period.