Saturday, January 31, 2009

Aravali Destruction!

This is something personal this Saturday morning, so excuse me this, but I figured since so many journalists and mediapersons read this blog, it might just be a good idea to put something like this up here.
There have been a lot of reports in the papers about the destruction of the Aravali range and how mining should be banned and houses razed. Now I hear the guy who has been ruining the hills through mining claims that thousands of jobs will be lost. Yes, that would be tragic, but imagine the number of lives that can be improved if this insanity stops. Kant Enclave homeowners say that they are being persecuted for no fault of theirs (and the guy who developed it is a big Congress dude - his son hangs with Rahul and Robert).
At what cost? Of course, no reporter had the brains to put two and two together and do the rather simple thing I'm doing below - the picture is a screen grab from Google Earth. This is the hills southwest of Dhauj village and the village in the picture is called Sirohi. The destruction is immense. You can see it for yourself at these co-ordinates.
Spread the word, or the duststorms will get worse, and the winters warmer!


Mohan said...

0 comments for this post. I can see how many readers, which includes journalists and mediapersons, of your blog, are really interested in the environment! No offence meant to you. I think you're damn good at what you do.

Anonymous said...

Rather than reforestation Forest deptt/media seem to be interested sucking out Moolah out of residential colony Kant Enclave.Why NO VOice against total neglect of forestation in and around Delhi/Faridabad?Why nothing will happen due to 4-5 HUDA sectors as well as Lake view colony having total area more than 15 times of Kant Enclave) in the same area?